Combine Your Property and Casualty Insurance to Save Money

When you combine your auto insurance, home owner’s insurance and umbrella insurance policies all with the same carrier, you can save huge dollars on the cost of your premium. Better yet, we have major insurance carriers that even merge your umbrella insurance policy into your home owner’s insurance policy as one policy. This saves even more.

I recently placed a customer that was with another major national carrier - that has “captive” agents – who had received notice that his home owner’s policy was going up 300 dollars from 2011 to 2012 plus his umbrella policy was going up 100 dollars to 500 dollars. I was able to move this customer into a Travelers home owner’s insurance policy with the same one million umbrella my customer had before and the combined premium for 2012 is actually the same as the customer’s home owners was last year but, the umbrella insurance was included!  This customer saved 29% over their previous insurance for the same coverage with one our insurance carriers.  We can’t guarantee that you’ll save 29% because you might save even more.  Stop by, email us or call today. – Zac Oldham

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